The idyllic islands which form the Bazaruto Archipelago, have been extensively researched to  identify optimum kitesurfing locations. Here, in this protected sanctuary, an abundance of marine life can be found. It is not uncommon for kitesurfers to see dolphins and rays and possibly even a whale shark or two. We have applied our intimate knowledge of the area to compile a variety of  kitesurfing safaris , tailored to individual levels and aspirations.



Magaruque Island

Offers flat water conditions and works on a SE wind. Also a nice reef to snorkel if you're waiting for the wind.


Bazaruto Island

Offers flat water on the inside and some very clean waves on the outside. Works on a NE and SE wind.





Benguerra Island

Offers small waves on the outside of the island and flat water on the inside. Works on a NE and SE wind.



San Sebastian

San Sebastian is part of the mainland, the fastest way to get there is by boat. It offers nice sized waves on the outside and has a flat water lagoon on the inside. Works on a SE and NE wind


The Bazaruto Archipelago is very tidal and the conditions change a lot depending on the wind direction and the spring and neap tides,  packages are designed for the conditions on the day to insure you get the best kite surfing experience. Prices start from $60 per person.